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I never thought it would be nothing without first placing an ad on this site, suggesting that the use of a woman who wanted to try to have fun. I was not worried about whether she was married or not, but only willing to experiment, it was. How bad can it be ! The following is a true story. is contacted by her husband, who wanted to have a good time and meet another man, although he was less certain. After a few false starts, we have cold feet when they finally met for a drink and then to a room. The second was also a room and then made ​​a third visit to my house while my wife was away. She was to remain overnight. Her husband was happy about it. Let's call Tina, but that's not his real name. You can not say where or for more information about them was, as I do not want anyone to guess who it is! was a night of rain and 7ish meeting close to where I am and then continue to live in the car. She arrived a little late, considering the weather. Shand followed me to my house and we went home, I hope that none of the neighbors noticed. Sitting on the couch, she looked stunning. Size 8 / 10, blonde hair, breasts very thin and small, fragile frame matched her. I opened a bottle of champagne and we sat and drank. The music was on and our eyes met once or twice. After a while he put his glass, and then slid out of bed at the knee. From there he went to unzip my pants and pull my manh